Trustlam Door Skin

Any business that integrates closely into the lives of people and a nation assumes the role of critical infrastructure. Over the years, core-building products like steel and cement have played a supporting role in reinforcing India's infrastructure. There is a greater realization now that interior decorative products, like laminates, complement the responsible contribution of the other two building products; they provide interior infrastructure solutions that make millions of homes and offices robust, secure and attractive.

We understand the challenge Designers, Architects and contractors face when specifying a decorative laminate. Whether their projects call for a high quality decorative laminate for residential use or a commercial environment, we have a solution for their needs. Laminates specifically from us offer some of the finest products available today. These include items that provide structural stability, colour through surface, fire rated surface and electrostatic discharge protection and because they are manufactured by us, you can be confident of their quality, integrity and performance for many years to come.

TRUSTLAM is committed to strengthen the leading position in the Indian decorative Industry by following the statutory and regulatory standards related to products and by adopting latest available technology, involving competent employees, focusing on quality consciousness and cost competitiveness, thus enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement.

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